A little bit about your girl.

Ok who's a Bluey fan? Because "What up, party people?!?" is my most frequently used greeting as of late. So if you don't watch Bluey: first, you're seriously missing out. Second, you have homework to do, or you're going to be lost on my page.


If I haven't already lost you...read on. Because you are in for a TREAT.

My name is Cassandra Rene but my friends know me as Cassie.

I am...37? 38. No wait, 37.

Let's just say I'm in my late thirties. Born in the 1900's. Can still remember the days of flip phones and no social media. A millennial dinosaur, OK?!?!

I have two kiddos, am married to my college heartthrob, and LOVE living in the PNW. I don't take myself too seriously. In fact, laughing so hard I cry is one of my favorite things in life. I've always had a fascination and let's be honest, obsession with photography. And after becoming a Mom it became even more important for me to document life because it's going by so fast.

Becoming a Mom also meant coming to grips with my forever-changed body. I've been on a long (and ongoing) journey of healing, self-love, and uncovering my own internalized anti-fat biases. And what I've found through photography is that it can be an incredible tool for healing, if you allow it to do so.

One thing photography has taught me is that I am worthy of being seen and remembered - now, as I am.

What's one of most common complaints from Moms when it comes to photos? "I don't have any good pictures of me with my kids!" And then we reason, "because I'm always the one taking them." But if we are honest, truly honest with ourselves, we'll admit that we don't want to be in the photos. Why? Well, our make up isn't done. Or our hair's a mess. Or, we want to lose weight first.

But here's the thing friend. You are worthy of being remembered NOW. As you are. Your favorite people in life love you as you are, and you are worthy of being remembered that way.

So here we are - the big WHY of why I'm doing this photography thing. My passion is to use my lens to reflect your beauty, worth, and story back to you. 

Because you are worthy of

...being seen

...being known

...being remembered.



Say hello.

Let's work together.


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